Troubleshooting...everyone's idea of a great time! But seriously, we're here to help. Taking these preliminary steps will go a long way. 

Step 1:
YouTube a soothing song. Hit play. If nothing comes up, you may not have your Wi-Fi enabled. Our accounts require a strong signal, so this may be the issue!

Step 2:
While the music soothes away your stress, gather the following info for us:

Step 3: Contact us with the above information by filling out a tech ticket or chatting with us! We may have you repeat a couple of these while we guide you, but knowing you've already done it once can save a lot of time.

Please note, if you chat to us outside of our office hours - 8AM-6:30PM (PST) Monday through Friday and 9AM-3PM (PST) on weekends - we'll get back to you ASAP!

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