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How to Anticipate the Answer on the LSAT
How to Anticipate the Answer on the LSAT

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For most questions on the LSAT, it’s possible to have some idea of what the correct answer is before peeking at the answer choices. 

Taking a little extra time up front to anticipate what the correct answer will look like will eventually reduce the overall amount of time each question takes.

Correctly anticipating the answer will 1) allow you to select the right answer choice quickly and confidently and 2) reduce the number of times you have to deliberate over more than one answer choice or re-read the question. So practice predicting what the right answer will look like as you do your homework in each of the three sections. 


  • Form a general sense of what the correct answer is. For example, with Characterization questions, you'll need to identify the conclusion and premises in the argument to properly anticipate. 


  • Have a few of the big picture ideas already worked out, like the main point, author’s attitude, and organization of the passage. 


  • Make the key deductions that will help you answer the questions quickly. This can be done by recognizing how rules can be combined and/or making a few scenarios based on rule(s) that show some ways the game can play out. 

Even if this process takes a lot of time initially, that’s OK! Keep practicing, and eventually you’ll be able to anticipate more quickly and reliably.

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