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Full Length Exams vs. Section Exams
Full Length Exams vs. Section Exams

When should I split my full lengths into individual practice sections?

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All of the Blueprint exams, including the MCAT diagnostic, can be found under the "Exams" tab of your online account. Each test has the option to be completed as a full exam or in sections.

When you click on "Take Exam" and choose your exam timing, you are locked into taking the test as a Full Length exam, meaning that it will not be scored until you complete all four sections. While you can pause the test and resume later, you should try to take all exams under test like conditions. We recommend taking at at least the first four Blueprint exams as Full Length exams along with the AAMC exams. If you have already worked through some of the AAMC exams, plan on doing more Blueprint Full Length exams. Taking Full Length exams will help you build stamina and can help you manage test anxiety.

You can also choose to take an exam in sections by clicking on the "Take in Sections" option. You will be able to choose your exam timing just like before, but instead of starting with the Chem/Phys section, you can choose your desired section.

Your section exam will be scored as soon as you finish. You can complete all of the other sections under the same attempt. Section exams are a great way to spot train specific sections without having to sit for the full 7.5 hours. We recommend using them closer to your test date.

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