MCAT course students get access to AAMC materials, including the CARS section. 

To start your AAMC CARS Question Pack:  

  • Be sure you’ve made an account on the AAMC site and activated all the codes we emailed you for it before the deadline indicated in the email. Log into this account. 
  • Go to "Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills Volume 1" and "Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills Volume 2" and start with passages 1-5. 
  • Just open Volume 1, do the first 5 passages, and then end the test. 

Later in your course, you'll be assigned the rest of the passages in similarly sized chunks. You can use a new attempt for each chunk. For example, you can use attempt two to finish passages 6-10, and so on and so forth.

Please note: your AAMC account is NOT the same as an AMCAS account or Next Step account. If you have any tech issues or concerns with this account, you'll need to reach out to the AAMC tech support team directly at or (202) 828-0400.

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