Since the AAMC QPacks can only be used 5 times each, it's important to be careful how you use these attempts.

But it’s absolutely possible to complete just 2 passages at a time. You can do this by starting an attempt with "Show Solutions" turned on and completing 2 passages a time from that attempt. 

Note: Turning on Show Solutions doesn't give away the correct answer. Instead, it allows you to choose to show the correct answer/explanation for each question whenever you would like as you go through the resource.

If you choose to do this, just do the following:

  • Begin the attempt and make sure that you select Show Solutions. 
  • Complete the first two passages only. At this time, you'll be able to review those two passages immediately, without ending the attempt, by showing the solution for each question as you review it. 
  • Then, close the window, but do not actually end the attempt
  • When you return to the e-mcat website, you'll be able to continue that same attempt and do just the next two passages, and it won't count against your 5 available tries!

But you’ve got options! Alternatively, You can follow your Next Step course study plan, which recommends doing 5 AAMC CARS passages at a time, rather than 2. 

This is the exact number that you can complete in 5 tries without running out. If you choose to do this, you can use a fresh attempt for each chunk of passages. In other words, use the first attempt for passages 1-5, and then end the test/review; use the second attempt for passages 6-10, and then end it; etc. Your study plan will tell you exactly when to do each chunk of passages. 

Remember: your study plan is flexible so you can move stuff around to make it work the best for you! 

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