Your study plan is completely customizable to you! 

We get it, study plans change. That's why we created a study plan you can control. 

The main requirement: 

Your study plan must contain at least 30 days of studying time - so 30 days, not including your exam date. 

Need longer?

You got it. The study plan generator can produce plans up to 12 months long. However, we do not recommend generating a plan longer than 6 months, as it will be very spread-out and you will risk forgetting earlier material as time goes on. You can always remove your strikeouts and repeat the study plan!

You can choose to reset your plan at any time. 

Information regarding which assignments you’ve completed (strikeouts) will not be lost. In other words, you'll still be able to see what you have and have not completed on your new plan.

If you already thoroughly covered MCAT content from another source and/or if you are on a 30-45 day timeline, you may benefit from using the express study plan. In virtually all other cases, we recommend generating a full plan.

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