To create a practice set in the MCAT QBank, first, log in and navigate to the Qbank page and click the blue + Create Practice Set button.

Step 1: Select whether you'd like to practice Science questions or CARS:

Step 2: If you selected “Science” in step 1, you can choose entire subjects to include or specific topics within a given subject. You can also search for topics:

If you selected “CARS” in step 1, you can select all CARS topics or specific ones:

Step 3: Select whether you want to practice passages or discrete questions. If you selected CARS in step 1, the “Discrete Questions” option will be disabled since CARS is always passage-based:

Step 4: Next, select up to 5 levels of difficulty:

Step 5: Then choose the size of your practice set.

If you’ve selected Passages, select the number of passages you want, keeping in mind that a single passage contains ~4-7 questions. So, 4 passages could generate a practice set with 16-28 questions in it. If you’ve selected Discrete Questions, this number will be the individual number of questions you’ll see, e.g. a practice set with 15 standalone questions in it:

Step 6: Choose your timing option. N.B. We offer 5 attempts for each practice set. Your timing option choice will be applied to all 5 attempts.

Step 7: Finally, give your Qbank practice set a title:

You are all now all set to start your practice!

Note: QBanks are different than AAMC QPacks, so keep that in mind when choosing your study plan for the day.

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