All students enrolled in the MCAT Course can attend office hours! To be ready, you just need to take a few steps. 

First, you'll need reliable internet to register for the session ahead of time and attend. 

It is an online event, after all! However, you do not need to be logged into your account at the time of the session. Although, you may want to do so if you have questions to ask from the Next Step online materials.

Second, we do recommend you work from a desktop or laptop that has a microphone so you can easily ask questions. 

You will not be on camera during the session, though, so you do not need a webcam. Any questions will be asked in writing via the control panel in GoToWebinar. 

For our weekly CARS sessions, we do recommend having your CARS book handy. For all other sessions, you do not need any specific books or materials.

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