All students enrolled in the MCAT Course can attend live, online Office Hours for extra assistance! 

Each session has a dedicated topic, and the instructor will lead a comprehensive review and practice for that topic. Many sessions include at least one practice passage or set of discrete practice questions. There is also allotted time for questions and answers.

Come with your questions - our sessions are interactive and our instructors are ready to respond to your needs.

Don’t have time to stay for the entire two hours?

Nope! You can drop in at any part of the two-hour session to get a specific question answered.  However, we recommend you come early if you want a particular question addressed. It can also be helpful to attend in order to listen, take notes and hear the questions other students ask.

Where can I find the Office Hours handouts?

Handouts can be found when you click on your Office Hours, under Files. Please note that not every Office Hours session has a handout.

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