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MCAT Office Hours

What are MCAT Office Hours? Where is my Office Hours handout or recording?

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Attend live Office Hours for extra assistance! 

We offer MCAT office hours 6 times each week, as two-hour sessions. You have unlimited access to Office Hours during your period of course access.

To sign up for Office Hours, Go the Live tab, click on Type, and click Office Hours from the drop down menu. That's the best way to see the most updated schedule of Office Hours.

What happens in Office Hours?

In each two-hour Office Hour session, your instructor will lead a comprehensive content review and practice for the session's topic. Our sessions are designed to work seamlessly with the online resources, reinforcing and re-teaching the content you need to ace the MCAT.

Many sessions include at least one practice passage or set of discrete practice questions. Our instructors will tailor the focus of lesson to address the concerns of the class, so come with your questions to put in the Chat box. We are ready to respond to your needs!

Topics repeat approximately every 8 weeks.

Where is my Office Hours recording?

You will have recordings available for every Office Hours session that you register for. Recordings are available within 2 business days by clicking on the Live page and clicking on Past.

Where can I find the Office Hours handouts?

Handouts can be found when you click on your Office Hours, under Files. Please note that not every Office Hours session has a handout.

Can I attend only part of the Office Hours session?

You can drop in at any part of the two-hour session to get a specific question answered. However, we recommend you come early if you want a particular question addressed. It can also be helpful to attend in order to listen, take notes and hear the questions other students ask.

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