We offer at least 10 hours of extra help weekly.  These are held as Office Hours, and they are 5 sessions of 2 hours each, every week. We occasionally hold special/public Office Hours in addition to these regular times, and those are open to enrolled class students as well.

Office Hours are currently held on the following schedule (subject to change): 

  • MONDAYS 8-10 pm Eastern (4-6 pm Pacific);  
  • TUESDAYS 8-10 pm Eastern (4-6 pm Pacific); 
  • WEDNESDAYS 5-7 pm Eastern (2-4 pm Pacific); 
  • THURSDAYS 8-10 pm Eastern (7-9  pm Pacific); 
  • SUNDAYS 9-11 pm Eastern (6-8 pm Pacific). 

If you are enrolled in the class, to see the specific schedule, log into nextstemcat.com and click the Office Hours tab on your course dashboard.  For upcoming sessions, you may see the dates, times, and topics planned.

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