Yes, you can!

We offer a free 7 day trial for any new student to check out our Online Anytime course! 

You will have full access to our online course, including: 

  • All 12 lessons of our pre-recorded course videos with intermittent assessments
  • Every LSAC question EVER released (+8,500) through our homework and practice sets. The homework even adapts to your strengths and weakness, choosing question types you're missing to get those point gains!
  • Four (4) scheduled LSATs and eight (8) - and counting! - supplemental exams to build that endurance  💪 and get detailed analytics on your results 
  • Live office hours to get those questions answered (and grill our instructors) 

Ready to sign up?? Here's a handy dandy button to help:

Once you click "Start My 7-Day Free Trial" on that page, you'll be prompted to enter your information.

In typical "free trial" fashion, you'll be asked to input a credit card which will be charged after 7 days, but you can cancel it at any point before then!

This bar above your home page will tell you when you'll be charged the $199/month fee! To cancel your account before that payment, simply access Account via your profile icon in the top right corner. 

From there, under "subscriptions" you can see when the trial period ends and choose to cancel your subscription at anytime before to avoid that first charge! 

That being said, we're pretty confident you're going to want to stick around 😉

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