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Accessing eBooks and digital study guides

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Some Blueprint MCAT courses come with downloadable eBooks.

Where can I find my digital eBooks?

Within 48 hours after purchase, you will have access to your eBooks. When you log into your account, on the left side you will see an option for My eBooks. From this page, you can create an Adobe ID, download the appropriate software, and download your eBooks.

What software do I need to access my eBooks?

In order to access your eBooks, you need to create an Adobe ID and you need to download Adobe Digital Editions. Reference this helpful article on how to use Adobe Digital Editions.

Can I print my eBooks?

Due to copyright laws, we do not allow printing of eBooks at this time.

Can I download eBooks on multiple devices?

Our eBooks can only be downloaded on one device at any given time. Ebooks cannot be printed.

How long do I have access to my ebooks?

Ebooks are available for 365 days after the date of redemption.

Why aren't eBooks fitting correctly on my screen?

Try to zoom in and out back out to fix this issue!

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