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How long should I plan to study for the LSAT?

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We recommend studying between 2 and 6 months for most learners. Depending on your goals and availability, you may be able to intensely prep for the exam for a shorter period of time. If you are in school or work full time, you should plan on consistently working some prep into your schedule for a longer period of time. Depending on your personal LSAT goals, you may even want to extend your prep a few more months to get that score you're aiming for.

This video can help you gauge how long to study for:

If you're in school and will be taking classes while prepping for the LSAT...

  1. Treat the LSAT as a class-and-a-half when you choose your courses for the semester.

  2. Create an LSAT study plan with your class curricula in mind, making sure to account for papers, projects, midterms, and finals, and leave yourself at least two weeks for review and practice tests before your LSAT test date.

  3. Back out of extra commitments.

  4. Let your network know that you’re going to be swamped during your prep, and lean on friends and family for support.

If you are working full time while prepping for the exam...

  1. Plan to take vacation time in the last month of your prep for practice exams and review. Using weekends only for practice exams limits how often you can take them, and trying to squeeze exams in on consecutive days can lead to burnout.

  2. Create a month-by-month study schedule to keep yourself on track.

  3. Vary your study schedule intensity between heavy prep days and light prep days.

No matter your schedule, whether you're working or in school, establish a routine and set aside regular time to prep in the morning.

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