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Full-Length Exam Placement

How are full-length exams placed throughout my study plan?

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How are full length exams placed throughout my study plan?

Full length exams are placed throughout your study plan based on the time you have available to prepare and the days you select you most prefer to take full length exams. You can always move around and adjust your schedule, but we recommend you keep the same general cadence of full lengths, as they’ve been included very deliberately at a frequency that’s appropriate for a test that requires endurance training. Make sure you set aside sufficient time to thoroughly review each full length after you take it, and you’ll find that completing these tests is one of the most effective ways to prep!

Why am I taking full lengths before I know all the content?

Your study plan will include full length practice exams at regular intervals well before you finish up all of the content modules. It may be tempting to study all of the content first and cram in test-like practice much closer to test day. However, test taking strategies are a skill to be learned, and one of the best ways to improve on the MCAT is by completing and thoroughly reviewing full length MCAT practice exams. Further, with taking more full lengths early on, you’ll have a solid understanding of the types of questions and passages you need to practice your strategy for.

So, we start the exams as soon as we think you’re ready to start practicing test taking skills, which may be well before you’ve studied all the content. Don’t worry, just try to work through the tests as best you can in test-like conditions. As you study and review, you will find that more and more of the test is content that you’re already familiar with.

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