Qbank Integration in Study Plan

How are Qbank assignments integrated into the Study Plan?

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When you populate your study plan for the first time, the recommended Qbank practice assignments will populate throughout.

If you generated your study plan before September 1, 2020, click Reset on your study plan. When you reset, the recommended QBank practice assignments will populate. Please note - while your progress on completed modules will not be lost, this will regenerate your plan and move assignments around! Alternatively, you can add Qbank practice sets yourself from the Assignment Bank (see below).

Clicking on the assignment on your study plan will prompt you to Create a practice set with pre-set filters. Simply select the number of question sets and click Next.

If you’ve already created the practice set, you will be prompted to Go To Assignment instead of creating it:

Please note that the questions in these assignments will pull from your QBank; if you have used up all the questions in your QBank that meet those filters, you will get this message:

Additionally, you can add an assignment to any day using this menu:

In addition to Qbank quizzes, you can also add AAMC practice to your study plan. When you click "Go to Assignment" it will launch the AAMC website and prompt you to log in.

Any generated Qbank Practice Set can be easily removed from the study plan. It will remain in your Assignment bank if needed.

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