We understand that students may need to relocate, or change their schedule, and will do our best to accommodate! 

Students may request a one-time transfer to switch to a different Blueprint LSAT Prep live classroom session or location.

Students planning to request a transfer should - 

  • Enroll in the class location in which they will be starting their course.
  • Notify the Blueprint office about their transfer request as soon as possible.
  • Confirm their last day in their first class location with the Blueprint office.

Lessons may not be repeated, and we do our best to schedule transfer students to pick up where they left off when joining a new location or class session.

Transfers are available only for classes that are preparing for the same LSAT test date as the original course enrollment and are not filled to capacity. 

Students cannot transfer a classroom course for credit in the online course. Should a transfer be unavailable as a result of scheduling, capacity, or location, classroom course students can continue using the materials in their MyBlueprint online student account for the duration of their original class schedule.

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