What does it mean to be in an accelerated course?

Accelerated classes often meet twice a week, so they will move at a brisk pace through the material.

Who should take an Accelerated course?

Accelerated courses are best suited for those who are taking a break from work or school to focus as much of their time and energy on the LSAT as they can. If you are working or taking courses, you can keep up, you'll just have to budget 2-4 hours in between each class, plus an extra 4-8 hours on the weekends, to keep up with homework and exams

That sounds like a lot of work!

Studying for the LSAT and making a huge score increase is a lot of work, no matter what. With an Accelerated Course, we're concentrating the work into a shorter period of time so you can get through this whole study process more quickly.

What if I fall behind? What if I decide I'm not ready to take the LSAT after my Accelerated Course?

Do your best to keep up! But if you ever need some extra help, you can always contact your instructor or our team at lsatquestions@blueprintprep.com to get personalized advice and tips on how to find that extra study or how to make your study process more efficient. If at the end of the course you decide you're not ready to take the next LSAT, no worries! You'll have access to your myBlueprint account for 30 days after your final lesson. You can use this time to review old lessons, watch our on-demand lesson videos, attend Review Sessions, get extra practice, and take practice exams to get ready for a later LSAT.

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