1. Access Blueprint at www.blueprintprep.com

  • Click Login in the upper right and use your credentials to sign in.

  • From your My Account page, click on Access Blueprint LSAT in the lower left.

2. Take Practice Exam 1

  • Carve out 4 hours to take full-length Practice Exam 1 before you start your lessons. This will provide you with a baseline score and will allow you to access the rest of our online materials.

3. Attend class (for Live students) or watch the Lesson Videos (for Online Anytime students)

  • Start with Lesson 1 (Live students will receive an email from Zoom with login information; Online Anytime students can find the Lesson 1 videos under Lessons/Homework — just click "Play"!)

  • Ask questions if you're in a Live course, or take notes in the Online Anytime course!

4. Do the Homework after each Lesson

  • Start with Drills first

  • Then do Homework problems

  • Check out the Blueprint LSAT Homework Guide and start to make room in your schedule for weekly homework!

5. Review Homework after completion

  • Check explanations for each question that you missed. For Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension, click on answer choices for explanations of each.

  • Email Study Buddy when you get stuck!

6. Supplement as needed

  • Supplement your Homework with extra practice sets from the Practice section

  • Attend Review Sessions to brush up on your weak areas

Before you get started, be sure to take a check out the rest of our LSAT pages in our Help Center! There, you can learn about the Study Schedule, Lesson Videos, Drills, Homework, Practice Section, Exams, Review Sessions, and more.

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