What’s an “Extended” course?

An Extended course is our 12-lesson Live Online course spread out over 16 or more weeks. While our Accelerated courses are for those who have the time and energy to sprint to the finish line, our Extended courses are for those who want to take their time and do it right.

Why would I take a longer class?

  • Our Extended classes provide you the most time in between lessons to do the work that will lead to a big score increase. After helping thousands of our students, we’ve learned that there are a few things that are very strongly correlated with huge score increases on the LSAT: doing lots of practice questions, attending our free Review Sessions, scheduling extra practice exams, and reviewing mistakes carefully. In an Extended class, you have 1-2 weeks in between each lesson. That means more time to complete practice tests, check out our Review Sessions, work through exams, and learn from your mistakes. And eventually make that big score increase.
  • Our Extended classes provide an opportunity to learn in multiple ways. The LSAT is hard. A lot of us need to hear the concepts explained multiple times and in multiple ways before it really clicks. Fortunately, our Extended classes give you the most opportunities to learn and relearn the material. You’ll have your instructor’s live lessons, recordings of those lessons, Blueprint’s produced Online Anytime lesson videos, and live Review Sessions with some of our favorite instructors. With more time in between lessons, you can use as many of these resources as you need.
  • Our Extended classes provide the best value. Extended courses last longer, so you’ll have more time with all of Blueprint’s resources. So for the same price as any other course, you’ll get more time to review concepts with Blueprint’s Online Anytime lesson videos, make customizable sets of real Practice LSAT questions, attend our Review Sessions, take proctored Live Online practice exams, and ask your instructor and Study Buddy questions about the LSAT and law school admissions. Same Price + Same Resources + More Time = Better Value. This is math so simple, even a lawyer could do it (we kid, we kid).

Who should take an Extended course?

Anyone could benefit from an Extended course, but they’re best suited if you:

  • Have a busy schedule
  • Want to make a big score increase, or
  • Are planning to take an LSAT 3 or more months in the future

As always, you can reach us at lsat@blueprintprep.com if you have any questions!

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