Getting Started in your MCAT Online Account

How do I get started? What should I do first?

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1. Access Blueprint at

  • Click Login in the upper right and use your credentials to sign in.

  • From your My Account page, click on Access Blueprint MCAT in the lower left.

2. Create Your Study Plan

  • First you will be prompted to input some information about your study start date, MCAT test date, number of hours available to study each week, and preferred day of the week to take full length exams.

  • When you click next, you can mark specific dates off from studying by clicking on the specific date. We recommend taking at least one day off per week. You can click on the day of the week instead of a specific date to mark a recurring day off.

  • Click next again to populate all of your assignments.

  • Note that you can reset your study plan as many times as you want. Assignments that you have completed will not be automatically added, but you can add them back manually.

Once you create your study plan, you will see the screen depicted below each time you log into your account.

3. Take the Diagnostic Test

  • Carve out 4 hours to take the MCAT Diagnostic. This will provide you with a baseline score.

  • You can find the Diagnostic either by clicking on the Study Plan or Exams menu.

  • Check out this article for tips on how to review your Diagnostic.

4. Attend Live Classes

  • Sign up for Office Hours! They are a great supplement to the learning modules.

  • If you are enrolled in the Live Online Course, choose your class schedule. You can register for additional or alternate lessons whenever you want.

  • Both Office Hours and Online Lessons can be found under the Live menu.

5. Work Through the Modules and Qbank Quizzes

  • Start the module by taking the assessment quiz. You can test out of modules this way to better target your content review.

  • Work through questions in Qbank to develop your MCAT strategies and assess your content knowledge.

6. Supplement as needed

  • Supplement with extra practice sets from Qbank, AAMC materials, or the End of Chapter Exams.

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