How to Improve Your Psych Soc Score

How do I increase my Psych Soc score?

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Here are some recommendations to improve your Psych Soc score:

1. Know the terms. Yes, there are a lot of them, but committing the psychology and sociology terms to memory will reward you with a higher score! Flashcards can be an effective review tool, whether you make your own or use a program such as Anki. But, the AAMC loves to go beyond simple definitions, bringing us to the next recommendation...

2. Focus on real life application. The MCAT will always test definitions in the context of an application so be sure you can extrapolate definitions to different scenarios. Questions often require you to choose between similar terms, so be nitpicky as you review. Know the distinguishing features of each term.

3. Embrace the scientific method and review the data. This section tends to test experimental design more heavily than the other science sections. Review the different types of study designs, the various types of variables, and different types and sources of error. Additionally, you want to get comfortable, like heated seats recliner comfortable, with a lot of different data presentations. The best way to really master data analysis is to analyze a lot of data! While we are not recommending a meta analysis of every passage you have completed, it can be helpful to review the figures and tables from the passages in greater detail, especially data sets that gave you trouble.

4. Practice practice practice! To see a lot of terms in MCAT context, work some practice problems. The Qbank is a great resource. Incorporate a mix of both standalone and passage-based questions.

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