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What information does Blueprint provide on my full length perfomance?

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When you click on the Analytics tab of your online account, you will see a snapshot of your practice test performance over time, including both the diagnostic exam, full length exams, and AAMC exams. (Note: You'll have to input your AAMC scores into the system for them to show in your analytics page.) When you hover your mouse over a data point, you can get a more detailed breakdown of the score by section.

Under your score progression over time graph is your score breakdown from your last full length exam. When you hover over a column, it will tell you how many questions you answered correctly, incorrectly, or left blank. (Note that you can miss quite a few questions and still get a high score! This student missed 10 questions in Chem Phys and scored a 129 in that section!) Your goal should always be 0 incomplete questions. If you don't know the answer, always guess!

As you scroll further down, you can view data on additional full length exams, section exams, and practice from Qbank. You can click on the calendar button to change the dates from which the data is collected. This can help you look at trends in your performance within specific time frames.

The system also tracks all of your answer choice changes. Definitely take some time to look over this data! This student changed their answers for the worse and would have got 4 more questions correct had they stuck with their original answer. That could make a point or two difference in score!

You will also get a breakdown in question performance based on Subject and Topic. Use this to pinpoint which specific content areas you will review in the upcoming days or weeks. This student should focus on the endocrine system and genetics.

You can also look at the breakdown of questions By Relationship with Passage. Use this information to help you plan your Qbank quizzes. If you are missing a lot of discrete questions, work through some discrete question sets. If you tend to miss mostly passage associated questions, focus more on passages.

Lastly, you can see a breakdown of questions by AAMC Content Category and Reasoning Skill. The Blueprint by Subject and Topic analysis gives you a more detailed content breakdown than the AAMC Content Categories, so focus more on the Blueprint data to inform your content review. The AAMC breakdown by Reasoning Skill, however, is very valuable!

The first 4 skills refer to the science sections. If you are missing a lot of skill 1 questions, you need to continue building your content knowledge. If you miss more skill 2 questions, start to focus more on critical thinking and the process to getting to the correct answer. If you miss more skill 3 or 4 questions, spend more time practicing with experiment based passages and data analysis.

The last 3 skills are specific to the CARS section. If you are missing skill 1 and 2 questions, do some untimed practice focused on passage analysis, including general comprehension and connections between ideas. If you are missing skill 3 questions, making predictions is key! Take time to make connections between the new information presented in the question stem and the passage before going into the answers.

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