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Registering for and rescheduling Live Lessons
Registering for and rescheduling Live Lessons

How do I sign up for or reschedule classes in MCAT Live? What if I miss a lesson?

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Choose a course when you create your Study Plan

Upon creation of your Study Plan, you will opt into a class session that works best for you.

You can hover over the dates to see the date and time of every session.

Once you complete your selections, your live sessions will show up on your Study Plan with pre-work modules before each lesson and homework after each lesson.

The Live Page - Selecting Live Sessions

The Live page is a place to find any type of Live session, including lessons and Office Hours. From this page, you can select a make-up Lesson or Office Hours session and access recordings of past sessions.

The top section features upcoming Live sessions.

You can use the filters to search for different types of Live sessions. For example, if you want to find a replacement for Lesson 3, you can search on the left:

Or if you want to see upcoming Office Hours, you can filter for those:

Registering for Live Sessions

To register for a selected Live session, click the blue Register button.

The session will show as Registered on the Live page.

The session will also show up in your Study Plan.

Unregistering from a Live Session

To unregister for a selected Lesson, hover over the green Registered button, it will change to Unregister, and click.

An alert will pop up to confirm.

This will remove the session from your Study Plan. If you would like to re-register, click Register again from the Live page.

Joining a Live Session

You can join from either the Live page or your Study Plan. 10 minutes before your session starts, the Registered button will change to a Join button. Click to launch Zoom and join!

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