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Resetting your study plan

How do I reset my study plan? What happens when I reset?

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Resetting Study Plan

You can reset your LSAT or MCAT study plan at any time if you want to re-order your assignments, adjust to a new exam date, or sign up for a new course track. Resetting your study plan will not reset progress on Qbank items, exams, or modules.

When you reset your study plan, any assignments you have already completed will not show up on your calendar because they are already completed in the past. However, you can always find these assignments from your Resources page.

To reset your plan, click Reset Plan:

You will get a confirmation notice:

Your progress on assignments will be preserved, and incomplete assignments will be rearranged on your Study Plan.

Next, you can select a different course schedule.

Resetting work progress

Progress on completed assignments cannot be reset due to account sharing regulations. You can manually mark completed assignments as incomplete in order for them to repopulate on the plan when you reset; however, progress does remain.

LSAT Exam & Qbank Resets

LSAT Practice Exam 1 cannot be reset but all the other exams can be reset one time by clicking the reset button next to the exam on your Exams page.

On your LSAT Qbank page, you are able to reset any nonadaptive practice sets one time by clicking the reset button next to the set. Please keep in mind that resetting a practice set or exam will remove any of the previous analytics and score data you had for that set/exam.

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