Our unique adaptive homework uses smart technology that tracks your answers and feeds you future questions tailored to your skill level on that question type! 

Answering questions you've already answered can impact both your responses and timing, so in order to maintain the algorithm, the system will not allow you to redo problems

However, with access to every released LSAT question in your account (over 8,000!), you have a lot of options. 

Remember, you can always review completed questions, which is one of the most important steps in getting that elite score. To review questions, just click on the answer (or anywhere else on the question line) once in results. Refer here for how to review a question. 

And if you want a shot at redemption, you can head over to the Practice page to create a similar set! To see the filters on problems you missed, note the question type and difficulty level on the question line when viewing results. 

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