Drills are quizzes Blueprint developed, and are designed to be a quick review of the concepts and strategies we cover in each lesson. Drills can help get you thinking about the concepts that will be covered in the corresponding homework programs. 

We recommend warming up with Drills before attempting the Homework problems

Drills emphasize concepts and strategies that will be helpful in the real LSAT questions that comprise your Homework sets. Drills give you more practice with the basics, such as conditional diagramming, writing out logic game rules, and analyzing arguments. We suggest using the Drills as a review and warm-up tool before starting the Homework problems.

Drills are located in each lesson's homework section.

You can start a Drill set by clicking the "Start" button. If the option to start a Drill does not immediately appear, click the grey arrow directly next to the title for a drop down menu to appear. 

We provide a timer on each Drill as a way to ease our students into the time pressure of the real LSAT, without rushing you through real LSAT questions before you're ready.

But don't worry if you can't complete all the drills in the time provided! Drills focus on strengthening your understanding of core curriculum concepts. If you can't finish a question in time, reading the explanation will still help reinforce the lesson material.

As you work through the Drill sets, there will be answer explanations that help you to review. If you answered incorrectly, your answer choice will be red. The correct answer will be indicated in green. 

Answer explanations will not show during the Drill for questions that are answered correctly, but these can still be reviewed after you complete the drill. Just open the completed drill in review mode to check them out!

Note: Drills do not count toward your homework completion bar.

Drills cannot be redone, but you can always review your results and often do more Drills.

We always recommend going back to review anything that you missed or guessed on — Drills included! When you're on the Homework page, just select Review next to a Drill set to see your results.

When reviewing, you can toggle between the answers by clicking on the bubbles near the top of the page. The explanations will be at the bottom, and the correct answer will display in green.

While the Drill sets labeled as "Quiz" will offer one set of Drill questions, most Drill sets will offer more than one set of questions. You can can click Do More on the results page to access another set of Drill questions, or you can access another set on the Homework page.

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