Thank you for choosing Blueprint Test Prep! This note will walk you through what happens next.

Over the next few days we'll make a tutor match. Once your match is confirmed, I'll email you to introduce you to your tutor. Then, you and your tutor will work together to schedule your plan.

Your materials will arrive in a few stages.
Within 1 day...
You will receive an email with instructions and your access code for resources at The access code comes in the form a unique registration link. The link activates your online resources including the diagnostic exam which is your first homework. If you don't see the access code email, then please check your mailbox for any pre-set filters, folders, or categories such as junk, spam, or promotions.

You will also receive an email with a chance to opt in for e-books. Everything you need to get started in online, so the e-books are optional.

Later this Week...

You will receive hard copies of your books in 5-7 business days (7-10 calendar days), usually via Fedex.

You will receive an email offering you to opt in for AAMC access codes and instructions in about 3 calendar days. You will receive 1 email from the AAMC, with your bundle. The sender is You should add this email to your contacts list to prevent these emails going into Junk or Spam. The subject line will be: You have been invited to use MCAT Official Prep. *It is your responsibility to register these codes when they get the email. The email gives them 4 weeks to activate the code from the day the email was sent. If these codes expire, you will not be issued new codes.*


The diagnostic is included in your access to

Taking the diagnostic exam is your first homework assignment; it will take you about 3 hours to complete. Please do this prior to your first session with your tutor.

If you have taken other diagnostics or full-length exams recently, please gather those score reports and be prepared to share them with you tutor.

In addition, attached you will find some key documents you should download, read, and save for reference: the AAMC MCAT Essentials Guide, the AAMC Content Outline, and the Blueprint Tutoring Policies.


Please note that you must register yourself for the official MCAT at the AAMC website. Seats can fill on the day registration opens for popular test dates in major cities. To ensure that you have a seat for the exam, please register yourself for the real MCAT immediately.


The advantage of private tutoring is that it targets your strengths and weaknesses. Tutors love questions and comments as they make the course more interactive and effective. In essence, your private tutoring course is driven by your feedback. In order to have the most successful tutoring experience possible, we ask that you let your tutor know how things are going and how he/she can improve -- especially after the first or second session.

Good luck on your MCAT Journey!

Studnet Succes Team

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