Thanks again for joining Blueprint for your LSAT preparation! This will go over some important information you'll need to know regarding tutoring.

If you bought a comprehensive tutoring plan, your LSAT Tutoring comes with access to Blueprint’s online course for a designated length of time, depending on which package you chose.

16 hours: 4 months access
24 hours: 5 months access
40 hours: 7 months access

If you purchased a supplemental tutoring plan, online access is not included. Please reach out to your advisor if you would like to know how to add resources.

Your First Homework
Your first homework, after reading this email and its attachments, is to take a full length practice exam as a diagnostic tool. To take Practice Exam 1 you'll need to log into your My Blueprint account. First click on the "Exams" tab. Please take Practice Exam 1 (PE 1). Under Practice Exam 1 click the "Take Online" button. For more detailed instructions, click here:"

Your Tutor
Over the next few days we'll make a tutor match. Once your match is confirmed, I'll email you to introduce you to your tutor. Then, you and your tutor will work together to schedule your plan.

Registering for the official LSAT
Please note that you must register yourself for the official LSAT at the Law School Admission Council website. Seats can fill on the day registration opens for popular test dates in major cities. To ensure that you have a seat for the exam, please register yourself for the real LSAT immediately.

Your Feedback is Essential!
The advantage of private tutoring is that it targets your strengths and weaknesses. Tutors love questions and comments, as they make the course more interactive and effective. In essence, your private tutoring course is driven by your feedback. In order to have the most successful tutoring experience possible, we ask that you let your tutor know how things are going and how they can improve -- especially after the first or second session.

Good luck, work hard, and please keep in touch!

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