If you're enrolled in a Live Online course, you'll have access to the same interactive lesson videos used by students in our Online Anytime course. These videos can be accessed through the Lessons/Homework tab on myBlueprint, and can be viewed by pressing Play underneath Lectures.

If you're enrolled in a Live Online course, it's not required that you view these videos before or after your live lecture. Your instructor will cover the same concepts, strategies, and questions as these videos.

However, many Live Online students find it helpful to use these pre-recorded lesson videos to:

1. Preview material in upcoming lectures

Many students find that their live experience is more enriching when they watch the videos that address certain challenging topics before attending the live lessons that also cover these topics. If you'd like to learn which videos you should view before each lesson, ask your instructor or follow the items that say Preview in our Homework Guide.

2. Review material from past lectures

Students also find it helpful to use lesson videos to review topics from earlier lessons. For instance, if a homework set on Soft Must Be True questions didn't go as well as you hoped, it might be helpful to review the Soft Must Be True videos from Lesson 2 to brush up on the strategy. Or, if an Antithesis passage gave you trouble on a practice exam, it could be beneficial to review the lesson videos on those passages from Lesson 5.

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