Whether you're enrolled in a Live Online, Online Anytime, or Live Classroom LSAT course, completing the online homework is an essential step to making a big score increase

You can find the homework under the "Lessons/Homework" tab of myBlueprint. Click "Start" under the Homework column to access your homework.

Complete the Homework assignment for each lesson after you attend the live lesson or watch the lesson videos

Homework should be completed after, not before, you attend or view each lesson. The lessons are where you first learn Blueprint's proven strategies and get a little bit of practice. The homework is where you master these strategies, so you can use them effectively on test day.

Homework is composed of Drills and Homework problems

The Drills are a timed warm-up problems we developed to review what was covered in the lesson. Drills are always located on the left side of your homework page. The Homework problems are real LSAT questions that relate to what was covered in the lesson. Homework problems are always on the right side of your homework page.

The homework assignments are designed to work best if you start with the Drills, before attempting the Homework problems.

Learn more about Drills here!

For each Homework problem set that you start, you can choose whether you'd like to make it a Small, Medium, or Large set. The pop-up screen will let you know how many Logical Reasoning questions, Reading Comprehension passages, or Logic Games each set will contain.

Please note that after making your selection, you cannot change the size of your homework set.

Learn more about the sizes of your Homework sets, and what to do if you choose a set that's too big or too small, here!

In addition, you can complete each set in either Question-by-Question Mode or Sprint Mode.

In Question by Question Mode, after completing each question, you'll learn whether you got the question right or wrong, and you'll have access to Blueprint's in-depth explanations. In Sprint Mode, you'll learn whether you got the question right or wrong, and you'll have access to Blueprint's explanations, only after you've completed the entire set of questions. When you're starting off, we recommend that you use Question by Question Mode.

Learn more about Question by Question and Sprint Modes, and how question timers work, here!

For the best homework experience, follow our LSAT Homework Guide

Our homework page is gives you the freedom to pick and choose which section or topics you'd like to start with, how many questions you'd like to complete, and what Question Mode you'd like to use. However, if you'd like our recommendations on how to best approach the homework, you can follow our step-by-step recommendations in our LSAT Homework Guide.

Homework can take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours to complete

As you can see, the homework is very customizable, so the amount of time it'll take to complete will vary considerably. If you'd like to make a plan on how to work through the homework, based on the amount of time you can dedicate in between each lesson, please check out this article.

After completing your Homework sets, you can see Blueprint's analytics and in-depth explanations

Learn more about the Homework analytics page here, and about how to best review Blueprint's explanations here!

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