AAMC Sample Test Scoring
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The AAMC has not released a score scale for the Sample Test they have published, and there is no actual scale that exists for that exam. For an exam to be scored by the AAMC, performance has to be normalized to their scale and population performance must be considered. This was never done for the Sample Test-it was not written nor designed to be scaled. To get a more accurate and predictive scaled and percentile score, we would heavily encourage you to take one of the 4 practice tests the AAMC has released that have score scales created for them or one of our scored Blueprint exams.

This estimator is designed to give a general sense of how you might have scored on the sample test if it used a similar scale to the more recently released AAMC tests, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this score prediction. Your real score may vary substantially from the score estimate shown here as it is not based on real data.

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