If you want more practice after you've completed your homework, you can create your own practice sets on the Practice page of your account!

Head over to the Practice page by clicking the "Practice" button in the upper left hand menu.

To create a practice set, click Create Practice Set under the test section you want more practice with!

You can then specify the type of questions, games or passages in your set. You can also specify how many questions, games, or passages are in your practice set, and how difficulty you want those questions, games, or passages to be.

The numbers in the circle at right of the page show: 

  • how many questions, games or passages are available to study based on your selected filters

  • how many have been completed

  • and how many have been selected for that set

When you're ready, click Create, give your set a name, and click Begin to start!

Note: Practice sets cannot be renamed, so we recommend naming each set in a way that indicates what it contains!

It is also important to remember that Practice and Homework problems sets both draw from the same pool of available LSAT questions. 

This means that when you create a practice set, those questions are set aside, which can limit the adaptability of your homework. Because of this, we recommend completing Homework problems before creating additional practice sets, to avoid limiting the adaptive homework!

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