Does the Exams page of myBlueprint look like this for you?

Why is that? Well, we want you to start your LSAT studies by taking Practice Exam 1. So before you can take any other exam in myBlueprint, you have to take the first full-length Practice Exam. Once you take Practice Exam 1, every other exam on myBlueprint will unlock:

Why It's Important to Start with Practice Exam 1

Why do we want you to start with Practice Exam 1? We want you to have a baseline score to help you measure your progress throughout the course. Starting with Practice Exam 1 — and seeing where you start your study process, before taking other exams — will allow you to monitor how you're improving throughout your course.

If you're enrolled in a Live Online or Live Classroom course for the first time, it's also important to take Practice Exam 1 first — before you attend Lesson 1 or complete any other exams — to remain eligible for the Score Increase Guarantee.

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