If you're enrolled in a myBlueprint Live Online course, you'll want your books handy during live class sessions

Your instructor will use the course books as reference and ask you to complete questions and drills located in the appropriate lesson. If you don't have your book, no worries! The questions and drills will also be displayed on the screen.

Your instructor may not go over each lesson's material in the exact order your course books present the material. Rather than trying to follow along with both your instructor and the course book, we recommend following along with your instructor and the slides they are presenting during your live session. Use scratch paper to make your notes. You can always refer back to the material in your course book, and add your scratch paper notes to your course books, after the live lesson (you'll find this much easier and more productive than trying to do this during class!).

Your books will arrive after you enroll in your myBlueprint Live Online course

Course materials are shipped via FedEx within 2 business days of enrollment and typically arrive within 4 to 8 business days, depending on your shipping address. Course materials cannot be delivered to a PO box.

Once your books are shipped, you will receive a tracking number by email so that you can monitor the shipping status of your package.

If you do not receive your books after 8 business days, or if you have lost or damaged your books and need a replacement, please contact us at lsat@blueprintprep.com!

Please note: The Blueprint course textbooks are included with many course purchases, but are not available for separate purchase outside of a course enrollment.

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