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How to Find Your Account Expiration Date
How to Find Your Account Expiration Date

When does my access expire? What is my subscription renewal date?

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Account Expiration Date

Generally, you will have access to your Blueprint resources for a set period of time from your purchase date, depending on which specific option you selected during your enrollment.

If you need to check when you course expires, go to your My Account page under My Resources.

For example, the access tile on your My Account page shows the expiration date:

Subscription Renewal Date

1. Navigate to My Account in the top righthand corner of the homepage.

2. Once you are under your account page, the menu on the left side will have a My Subscriptions option - select that option and reference the photo below to access your subscription renewal date.

The price, frequency and date your account will be billed will appear as below under My Subscriptions.

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