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Where can I find the End of Chapter exams in my MCAT account?

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End of Chapter exams are a great way to help review for the MCAT using your Blueprint textbooks.

The best way to use the End of Chapter exams is to practice content you’ve recently reviewed. For example, later in your prep you’ll begin completing (and reviewing!) full-length exams regularly. In your review, you’ll make note in your LLJ (Lessons Learned Journal) of what topics you are missing because you need to review content. Once you’ve reviewed a content area, you can then use the End of Chapter exams to test that specific content and ensure your understanding before moving on to your next topic or exam.

The End of Chapter exams can be added to your Study Plan via the Assignment Bank, or you can find them on the Resources page.

To add an End of Chapter exam to any Study Plan day:

  1. Hover over the desired day and click the + button that appears; this will open the Assignment Bank:

2. Find the EOC Exam you want to add and click the + to add to the Study Plan day:

3. Clicking on the assignment from the Study Plan will launch the assignment detail pop-up:

4. Clicking Go to Assignment will bring you to the listing page of exams for that Subject, but it will not navigate to the specific chapter number - it will simply display the whole page. E.g. If you launch Psych/Soc Chapter 6 exam - you will be brought to the Psych/Soc exam page, but you will need to scroll down to get to Chapter 6.

5. Each exam consists of 15 test-like questions. When you have completed an attempt, the assignment will flip to "Complete" status on your Study Plan.

Good to know:

End of chapter questions count toward your recommended questions-answered goal on the Progress Tracker, located on the Dashboard. They have their own category so you can keep track of how many you’ve done:

All of these exams can also be accessed directly from the Resources tab if you don't wish to place them onto a Study Plan day:

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