LSAT Practice Exam Modes

What are the different Practice Exam modes?

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An important part of conquering the LSAT is taking Practice Exams, and as such we have a total of ten exams at your disposal under the Exams tab of your Blueprint LSAT account.

The exam tab offers you two choices: Take Exam or Take in Sections. The Take Exam button offers you the possibility to take the exam in its entirety as it will be administered on test day. A full-length exam coupled with the proper breaks between each section can be selected when choosing this option. Since the LSAT-Flex has now been retired in favor of the 4-section exam, we highly recommend that you choose the 4-section option as opposed to the 3-section exam since it will offer you a more accurate representation of your potential score.

Take Exam

The Take Exam option is great for when you have a minimum of 2.5 hours at your disposal to take a full-length exam. For those of us that have accommodations and are in need of adjusted timing, the new interface allows you to update the exam timing to accurately reflect your LSAT test day time constraints. When selecting the Take Exam option, after picking the number of sections, choose your allotted time and click OK. When utilizing the full-length exam option make sure to take the exam under proper testing conditions so as to best replicate the test day atmosphere. This allows you to get the full experience of the LSAT exam, testing not only your knowledge and strategies but also your brain stamina and focus. Taking a minimum of 4 practice exams under these conditions is recommended throughout your study.

Take in Sections

The Take in Sections option allows you to take timed sections without having to commit to the full-length exam. This is a great option if you don’t have a lot of time to take a Practice Exam in one sitting but would still like to practice the timed aspect on a smaller scale. If you have been working diligently on improving your accuracy in the Qbank tab and have succeeded, this is a great place to test your progress and see how the timing constraint affects your accuracy. Timed sections are great practice and can often be a valuable indicator of what you’re struggling with and what you should focus on in your review. Both options are extremely valuable and should be incorporated into your study schedule.

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