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The typical LSAT student will attempt thousands of questions throughout the life cycle of their prep. But how can you make sure that you're getting the most out of all the hard work you're putting in? The answer is simple: analytics.

Sure, most students review their mistakes and comb through our explanations, looking for takeaways and lessons learned, but each and every question is a valuable data point, even long after it’s been reviewed. Your performance gives you information about your strengths and weaknesses, and over time patterns begin to emerge from that information. Maybe our accuracy on a certain question type has been lagging behind the rest. Maybe we’re taking too long on questions we’re getting wrong anyway. Maybe we should stick to the conviction of our original answers because it turns out we usually had it right and switch over to the wrong answer choice more often than not when we second guess ourselves. Analytics give us a granular, in-depth look into our performance.

Your Progress Over Time

Use this section to track your progress on Practice Exams as time goes on. You can use the drop-down on the right to select whether to show your Practice Exams or Section Exams. The blue dotted line will also show you where you are performing compared to your goal score.

Latest Completed Test

This section will show you your overall analytics for your most recent Practice Exam. Clicking on Score Report will shortcut you to the detailed analytics for that particular exam, including timing on each question.

Aggregate Analytics

Use the checkboxes at the top to show aggregate analytics for LR and RC based on your Practice Exams, Section Exams, Qbank, or a combination thereof! You can also set a date range to further narrow the aggregate analytics.

Clicking on the question type below will filter the below sections for just that question type.

Question Type or By Family

For RC, this section is called Question Type. For LR, you will see By Family to show you your performance by type of question.

By Difficulty

This section shows your performance on low, medium, and high-difficulty questions for the selected exam section.

Bookmarked Questions

This section shows you your performance on questions that you bookmarked.

Questions Where You Changed Your Answer

This section shows you how often you change from right-to-wrong, wrong-to-right, or wrong-to-wrong.

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