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Using LSAT Office Hours

How to use LSAT Office Hours

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Office Hours are a fantastic resource that you should take full advantage of! You have unlimited access to Office Hours during your period of course access.*

(*Starter tier self-paced courses have access to 2 free Office Hour sessions)

Each session is a 2-hour interactive lecture led by one of our most veteran instructors. The topic and instructors for each session can be found on the Live page in your account, and you can register for any and all topics that interest you. Office Hours offer a much more nuanced and detailed look at topics than class lectures, because there is a two-hour window to discuss just one topic and you can submit specific questions about that topic in the lecture chat. Office Hours are great for supplementing your learning or getting additional instruction on how to approach a certain topic.

Every Office Hour session is also recorded so that you can go back and rewatch any you missed!

You can also take a look at your Analytics page to determine which area or areas you're struggling in and choose Office Hours topics that best fit your needs! Utilize the filters on the left to narrow your search:

Preparing for Office Hours

If there are certain questions that you have about the topic at hand or strategies that may have confused you while approaching the subject on your own or in class, then we recommend you prepare some questions to bring up to the instructor so that they can help with clarifying that aspect for you. Instructors welcome questions, so don’t be shy about bringing these questions up to them. If you have no specific questions in mind, that’s okay too - just show up ready to learn!

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