Taking LSAT Practice Exam 1

How is Practice Exam 1 used? Why can't I reset it?

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Your LSAT journey begins with a daunting, but necessary challenge: a full-length Practice Exam.

Think of practice exam one as the jumping-off point to your prep. While it might seem like we’re pushing you into the deep end on the first day of swim class, taking Practice Exam 1 before getting your prep started is actually the best thing you can do to set yourself up for success!

First, you have to know your enemy, and that first exam is a perfect, thorough introduction. Better to come to terms with the fact that the LSAT is unlike any exam you’ve taken before as soon as possible, that way you can fully embrace the new concepts and strategies we’ll be imparting onto you.

Moreover, establishing a baseline is required in order to benchmark progress as you advance through your prep. How will you know if your hard work is actually translating to improvement if we don’t have an initial score with which to compare your subsequent tests to? Admittedly, for most students, that initial onboarding test is a splash of cold water, incontrovertible proof that the road ahead is full of hard work and sacrifice. But think about how good it’s going to feel to see that hard work pay off in the form of a 10 point (or more!) increase.

As much as we’d like to eventually re-take practice exam one and replace that introductory score with a better looking representative, your Practice Exam 1 score is actually locked in as a way to cement and celebrate your improvement, not to mention help to qualify you for our score increase guarantee.

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