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LSAT QBank Modes

What are the different modes in LSAT QBank? What are Question-by-Question and Test Mode?

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So, you’ve finally decided to check out the Qbank and do some extra practice problems. You pick your section and create a set made up of all the questions and concepts you’d like to review. Then you click START. Suddenly, you’re faced with a daunting choice: Question-by-Question or Test Mode. What do you pick? It all depends on where you are in your understanding of the concept being tested and what aspect of taking the LSAT you’re trying to improve on.


If you’re just learning the concepts and trying to understand the strategies taught in class or in the video modules, use Question-by-Question mode. This mode allows you to do the practice set one question at a time, checking your answers and reviewing as you go. The Question-by-Question mode is intended for those wanting to improve their accuracy and their approach as they progress through the questions. It will allow you to see which questions you get wrong in real time and be able to review the correct answer and adjust your mindset before attempting the next question. This is extremely useful when practicing the application of strategies as it’ll allow you to make sure you have the best approach and are thinking about questions in the right way.

Test Mode

If, however, you have achieved your accuracy mark, have a solid understanding of strategies and are now working on improving your timing, you should use the Test Mode option instead. Test Mode allows you to do the entire practice set in one shot and then review it once you’ve finished. This mirrors the exam feel and is more conducive to improving your speed.

Choosing between these two modes depends on your goals for each practice set. Choose wisely!

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