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5 Things to Know Before Starting Your MCAT Live Online Course
5 Things to Know Before Starting Your MCAT Live Online Course

I just enrolled in the live online course, now what do I do?

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Welcome to the MCAT prep party! While we cannot guarantee that this will be the most fun party you will ever attend, we can offer some guidance to help you get started on your MCAT preparation.

As you are choosing a Live Online Class and creating your study plan, here are 5 things that you should know. Also, be sure to check out our MCAT Live Online Pacing Guide to help you set expectations for the next few months of study!

1. The amount of time per week that you will need to study will vary depending on which class option you choose. Some classes meet once per week, others meet once a week then twice a week, and some classes meet twice per week every week. You will have pre-class modules and post-class quizzes assigned for each lesson. Generally, you can expect to spend around 10-15 hours per week outside of class per lesson. If you are taking a once a week class, your total time commitment will be around 12-18 hours each week for MCAT prep, but for a twice a week class, it will be closer to 25-30 hours per week.

2. Plan in time to review content AND work practice questions! Each lesson has homework assignments from learning modules and Qbank. Ideally, you should be completing a minimum of 60 questions per lesson from the QBank or End of Chapter Exams. Remember, the MCAT expects you to know the content, but really rewards critical thinking. The only way to flex those brain muscles is to practice!

3. Speaking of practice, you should plan to take between 8 and 10 Full Length Exams. This would break down to about 4-5 Blueprint exams and 4 AAMC exams. Ideally, you should space them at least 1 week apart so that you have sufficient time to thoroughly review each exam, review weaker content areas, and do some practice problems. If you have a busier schedule, you can break up some of the exams into section tests, but taking the full exam in one sitting is always preferred.

4. Live instruction is better than watching recordings of lessons. All of our classes are designed with a significant amount of flexibility. If you let your instructors know that you struggled with a particular pre-class module, they will be able to devote some extra time in class to that content area! Additionally, there is an office hours session devoted to every topic on the MCAT, so definitely check out the weekly schedule!

5. Your course comes with all of the AAMC resources! A few days after you purchase your live online course, we will email you codes to access all of the AAMC resources, including all of their question packs and practice exams. Often, these emails are sent to your spam folder, so definitely be on the lookout. If you haven't gotten them, please reach out to us!

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