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Why aren't all of the modules automatically added to my study plan?

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The modules in the Live Online class are grouped into two categories, required ("for class discussion") and recommended. The required modules will be specifically reviewed during the live class, so the study plan will emphasize placing these into the study plan before their associated lesson.

The recommended modules are not covered in class, so they are not as highly prioritized to be added to the study plan. Our study plans are designed to adjust to fit your needs - so if you’ve indicated you don’t have time to get these assignments done, we’ve removed them from your study plans (but we’d recommend you add them in where/when you may have more time to do them!) If your study plan is set with more hours per week to study, it is more likely that these recommended sessions will be added to the plan.

While the recommended modules are not required for in class discussions, they still review important testable information and should be covered before you take your exam. If you have additional time before a lesson, you can click on the lesson and check to see if there are any recommended modules that you have not completed. For example, if you have completed all of the recommended assignments for lesson 5, when you click on the lesson in the study plan you would see the menu below. All of the stricken out assignments are complete, while the Language module is not yet complete.

Checking for incomplete modules on a lesson by lesson basis can be a great option if you have additional study hours each week beyond what is necessary to complete the required assignments.

If you don't have as much time available each week, adding the recommended modules later in the study plan after you have completed the course might be a better option. To do this, click on the plus icon in the study plan to find the option to add content or strategy modules. You will only see modules that are not currently found on your study plan; modules that have already been completed will be crossed out, while incomplete modules will have plus to the left of their name. Clicking on that plus icon will add the module to that day on your study plan.

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