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What is LSAT Pre-work? Why is it important?

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We designed the Blueprint curriculum to give you the best-in-the-industry LSAT teaching experience. As we planned how to optimize your classroom experience, we identified the most valuable part of live instruction: your expert LSAT instructors. Every decision we’ve made about the structure of the Live Online curriculum comes back to giving you access to the best instructors in the business and maximizing what you gain from them. So what does this have to do with pre-work?

In contrast to most online learning platforms, Blueprint won’t have its instructors read slides to you. Instead, every moment of class will be spent addressing your questions, modeling and teaching LSAT strategies, and giving you guided practice and feedback on actual test-day behavior. Which means you’re going to need to come to class prepared to apply concepts, not learn them from the ground up. The pre-work covers the underlying concepts and strategies that undergird each lesson. Watch those videos, and you’ll know what makes sense, and what you need help on in this lesson. Then, after the lesson, you’ll complete the regular homework to solidify your understanding.

To get the most out of your classroom experience, you have to complete the pre-work in advance. Our expert instructors will teach the material expecting you to have a baseline familiarity with the terms and concepts underlying that lesson. Don't worry - you don’t have to master the material in advance. But for an applied lesson on, say, argumentative roles, to be effective, you’ll need to have brushed up on common conclusion indicators and have questions ready on any tricky subjects, such as subsidiary conclusions, that pertain to that lesson. That way you - and everyone else in your class - can get the most out of your lesson and walk away not just with definitions you could have learned on your own, but with personalized advice and a roadmap for how to learn to apply the strategies your instructors modeled for you.

So, please, do the pre-work. All the pre-work. For every lesson. Even if you have to skip some of the homework from last lesson or forego reviewing material from past lessons, doing the pre-work is the most valuable way you can spend your time outside of class, ensuring that you can go into each lesson ready to learn.

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