Converting Raw to Scaled Score

How do I convert my LSAT section exam raw score to a scaled score?

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So you might be wondering, how is the new 4 section LSAT scored and how do I convert my raw score to the 120-180 scoring scale? Since the pre-Covid exam was a 100-101 scored questions exam, and the new LSAT is only a 75-76 scored questions exam, there are bound to be some differences. The core concept has not changed however.

There is a predetermined scale for each administered test which LSAC tests vigorously to make sure it remains constant throughout all administered LSAT exams and that if a person were to take two different tests, they would be expected to do roughly about the same on both. LSAC released just one scoring scale for the new format and that corresponded with the May 2020 Flex exam, although the scale for each exam is different, you can expect the numbers not to vary significantly more than +/- 2.

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