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How to read the MCAT Flashcards Analytics page

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The Blueprint MCAT Flashcards analytics page will help you understand your performance over time. Here are some key features of our analytics!

Hot Streak

The number of days in a row that you have met your Daily Goal.

Card Comfort Level

This graph shows a dynamic breakdown of the latest comfort level rating for all the cards you’ve rated to date.


Realtime totals of unique cards viewed, average ratings per day, and total cards rated.

Comfort Level Over Time

This graph shows your comfort level ratings breakdown each day. Zoom in/out to see your progress through the course.

Comfort Level by Subject

These 7 donut graphs show your comfort level breakdown by subject using the latest rating given.

Bookmarked Cards by Subject

This bar chart shows you the count and percentage of cards within that subject that are currently bookmarked.

Flashcard Achievements

Your badges live here. Badges will be filled in as you earn them, so check back often to see new ones!

How do I earn the badges?

Each subject area has 4 badge levels with set thresholds for unlocking:

  • Apprentice Badge: review 25 cards in a given subject

  • Scholar Badge: you’ve marked 50 cards Medium comfort in a given subject

  • Genius Badge: you’ve marked 75 cards High comfort in a given subject

  • Sorcerer Badge: you’ve marked all cards High comfort in a given subject

If you later change your comfort level for cards, we won’t take any badges away! There are also badges not related to content:

  • First Day: let’s kick things off with a badge - you made it here!

  • Review Analytics: who doesn’t love analytics? Earn this badge the first time you review your analytics

  • Perfect Week/Month/Quarter: badges for achieving a hot streak of 7 days/30 days/90 days

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