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How to make the most of your MCAT Flashcards

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How much time should I spend on Flashcards?

Depending on how much time you have to study each day, we recommend completing 20-40 flashcards each day. However, if you only have a short amount of time to study, prioritize test-like practice (like those found in the Qbank, EOC Exams, and Full-Length Exams)! You can also use flashcards to sneak in some extra content review on the go when you have 5-10 minute blocks of available time.

Live Online and Online Anytime Students

Live Online and Online Anytime students can best make use of their flashcards using Study Plan mode. This mode will show you cards from Learning Modules that you’ve completed, making it super simple to align your content review with an effective flashcards review session. Use the Spaced Repetition review mode (it’s the default!) to get the most out of each review session. Blueprint flashcards use your comfort-level ratings to implement a 1/3/5 day schedule of review. For example, if you mark a card Low comfort, that basically means we will show you this card again in 1 day. If you mark a card Medium comfort level, we will show it to you again in 3 days. If you mark a card High comfort level, we will show it to you again in 5 days. Each day, we’ll start by showing you cards in the Low comfort bucket, any that are ready for review from your Medium and High buckets and then move to showing you new cards based on your other settings (date range, for example).

Tutoring Students

Tutoring students will also benefit from flashcards as part of their regularly scheduled MCAT study. Work with your tutor 1:1 to determine what you should focus on as well as your daily goals.

Exam Students

When determining where to direct your flashcard energy, start with your Full-Length analytics page. From here, use flashcards to bolster your knowledge in areas in which you're struggling. For example, if you notice that your weakest section is bio/biochem and you are missing mostly biochemistry topics, select those topics to focus on first. When you have down time, flashcards can also be used to more generally expose you to science content.

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