Moving MCAT Exam Date

How to move your MCAT exam date without resetting your study plan

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If you want to move your exam date to a future date, they can now do that right from the Study Plan calendar OR the Dashboard without resetting your study plan.

From the Study Plan

Hovering over the exam date calendar square will reveal a Click to Reschedule link. Clicking will bring up a Reschedule modal where they can select a future exam date.

From the Dashboard

Next to the exam date there will be a new pencil icon to edit date. Clicking pencil brings up the Reschedule modal where you can select a future exam date.

A pop-up will notify you that your exam will be rescheduled.

If you have rescheduled your exam for more than 2 months from your current exam date. In this case, we recommend a reset to redistribute assignments:

If you want to move your exam date to an earlier date, you must do a study plan Reset.

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