By default, Cram Fighter arranges your tasks grouped by subject. All chapters and videos on the same subject will be put together in your schedule. For each study block, however, you can change the order in which certain topics are covered. You can use your study plan settings to set your tasks to be grouped by subject or system or in their published order (from first to last chapter). To access this setting, click Subject, System and Resource Order on the Edit Schedule page

Study by Subject and Study by System

When you select sort by subject or sort by system, you will have the option to arrange the order you go through your books within that subject or system. For example, all chapters and videos related to Hematology could be put in your schedule before all chapters and videos related to Cardiology. To change the order of the subject or systems, simply drag the subjects or systems into the order you desire and then click Save & Rebalance.

Study by Resource

You may choose to finish all of one book or lecture series before moving on to the next by selecting sort by resource.

After you've made this selection, you can set the order for your book and lecture resources by dragging and dropping. All tasks for the first resource will be assigned in your schedule before tasks from the second resource begin.

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