Setting up your Study Schedule

How do I set up my Study Plan and my Study Schedule?

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First, you can check out this video for help on setting up your study plan!

Setting Up your Study Plan

Blueprint's Med School Study Planner creates a study plan based upon your resources and your study preferences. All you need to know is what resources you'll be using and when you plan to study!

Blueprint's Med School Study Planner will tell you what you need to do each day in order to get through your resources by your selected end date. You may choose the order you go through your tasks in the Subject, System & Resource Order section (found on the Edit Schedule page) by selecting sort by subject, sort by system, or sort by resource.

The number of tasks Blueprint's Med School Study Planner assigns is distributed relatively equally per study day. You can adjust the relative distribution of tasks per day using the Time Off & Workload section.

For example, if you select a light workload on Sunday, a normal workload on Monday, and a heavy workload on Tuesday, we will assign twice as much work on Mondays as Sundays and four times as much work on Tuesdays as Sundays.

Study Plans

You may also break up your schedule into "mini-schedules" or study plans. Study plans help you break up your overall schedule into parts, perfect for going over a book more than once, covering one subject at a time, or giving yourself a lighter workload while classes are in session. Do this on the Edit Schedule page by clicking Create a New Study Plan.


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